Which driver should I be using before installing optimus-manager?

I'm working on a new install of Manjaro. I've read all the optimus-manager configuration and installation guides (it's not my first time installing it) but I don't know whether any non-free driver is suitable for the installation or not, and I don't want to just try because I don't want to break anything unnecessarily.

I'm using Manjaro Gnome, and by default the installed driver is prime (picture below).

Is this driver suitable for the install and/or does it need some previous tweaking? Should I change to bumblebee, then install optimus and disable bumblebee services?

I haven't found any information about which exact drivers work and which don't. Sorry if it's been solved before. Thank you for your help in advance!

All the listed drivers in MHWD work, depending on the hardware. You are perfectly fine with the one installed. Just go and check this, one more time (if you read it already) for even more tweaks:

Thank you very much! I now have other problems which I've posted in the corresponding place, but your answer told me what I needed to know!

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