Which file do i need to edit to allway have max frequency at boot, with AMD ryzen 3950X CPU!

Hello Manjaro people

I wonder WERE is the file in Manjaro that i need to edit to always have gives max frequency (at all Cores 3.5GHz) at boot! i know i need to change governers to preformence mode, but i cant find the FILE to edit.

Moste of the guides are for intel CPU but i Have AMD Ryzen 9 3950X cpu.

Does anyone have idea how to solve this!
Have Manjare withe 5.7 Kernel.

Take a look in /etc/default/cpupower
RTFM https://linux.die.net/man/1/cpupower-frequency-set
Before 'adjusting' I'd just hastag lines, copy and then edit them.


I really don't know - I would peek into the tlp configuration located in /etc/tlp.conf.

And if that is overwhelming - there is gui package tlpui.

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Big thanks to both of you Guys ( linux-aarhus and ben2talk)

in order to have the file /etc/default/cpupower on your system, you need to install the "cpupower" package first:

sudo pacman -S cpupower

(just in case you are missing this file and wondering why)

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