Which GPU driver should I use?

My GPU is a GTX 745. I've been told that NVIDIA 'non free' drivers are better for overall performance, but i've got two different options here. I can choose video-nvidia or video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-bumblebee. Which of these is going to be better for GPU performance?

This is, as the name implies, for hybrid builds where you have both an integrated Intel and a discrete nVidia, like in many laptops. So if this isn't the case for you, step away from it and use the other one.

For more info regarding various nVidia related stuff:

For switching between propietary drivers and open source noveau:

Well do NOT try the the bumblebee one for sure, in your case.

But there is a much easier way. If you search for 'Manjaro Settings Manager'. And you scroll down, you will see the Hardware configuration feature. Like so:

This Manjaro hardware configuration window will auto-detect your graphics card and will install the correct nvidia version that should work for your card.

You have two options:

  • Press the "Auto install proprietary Driver" button.
  • Check the video-nvidia-xxxx which is displayed in your situation and mark the checkbox and apply.

Proprietary auto installs Bumblebee, though I've definitely realized not to use Bumblebee. I already ran into an issue with bbswitch earlier today.

That's not the case for everyone thou. Bumblebee works and always work great for me. But it is possible to install and use the only discrete card in hybrid GPU's.

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