Which ISOs have PXE boot enabled?

As the title says, I'd like to know which manjaro ISO's use the PXE boot feature?

The reason I ask is because we could get more Manjaro editions into Netboot.xyz. We just have to tell the developer which editions have the feature and maybe throw him a long to the download pages.

Would be awesome to do just use a netboot image and then be able to choose among all the Manjaro editions, that supports PXE.

You can find out by checking the profile.conf files in the manjaro-tools-iso-profiles repo. :slight_smile:
grep -re "pxe_boot" .
'true' is the default. So every profile that has not uncommented the line and set to 'false' will have PXE boot enabled.

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That's true. But which has new ISO's made, since that was included? :slight_smile:

I knew you were going to ask that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
That's indeed a difficult question ... :nerd:
Maybe it will be a good idea anyway to start such a project with only the latest and upcoming releases.
The latest official pre releases should definitely work, Deepin 16.03, i3 16.06 rc, too. A new Cinnamon 16.06 rc should be up by tomorrow hopefully :wink: That one will also have PXE enabled.
Of the others I don't know. @Esclapion? @Ste74? @Chrysostomus?
It will be exciting to have that feature tested, I would not kow of any feedback about that at all, sofar :sunglasses:

Bspwm has new isos. It has not had pxe boot for a long time, since I wanted to make isos as light as possible. And because I have no idea how to use PXE boot.

Pxe is for boot via lan right ? But now how to work this project ?

as I understand. netboot.xyz created a little bootloader, this one connect to their server where they have "all" linux distribution iso link (compatible with PXE) then you have only a key to install which ever distribution you want.

What is netboot.xyz?
netboot.xyz is a way to select
various operating system installers or utilities from one place within
the BIOS without the need of having to go retrieve the media to run the
tool. iPXE is used to provide a user
friendly menu from within the BIOS that lets you easily choose the OS
you want along with any specific types of versions or bootable flags.
You can remote attach the ISO to servers, set it up as a rescue
option in Grub, or even set up your home network to boot to it by
default so that it's always available.

We should make a list of all PXE compatible 16.06 ISO's when 16.06 has been released. Then we can send that list to the netboot maintainer, and he can add them all to the manjaro section. :slight_smile:

Netboot.xyz just updated, and has all the official Manjaro releases in. Only 16.06 though, not 16.06.1 yet:


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