Which Network Driver

I have heard that my Realtek Gigabyte PCIE works better with the r8168 so I installed it and to check I used the command lspci -vv and got.

Kernel driver in use: r8168
Kernel modules: r8169, r8168

A Friend told me that I should blacklist the r8169. So I was curious as to if I should and How it's done. Also it seems to me the next update will bring it back if I update to the latest kernel as I always do unless I have a problem. Thanks to all.

Search r8168 for the most recent posts and I think you will find you have that backwards. I'm not saying in your individual case that driver might not be better, but most problems are with the r8168 driver not 8169.

I did use the Manjaro Settings Manager to install the r8168 driver. So I guess it's already blacklisted the r8169. To be honest I see no difference but my cable company will soon be offering gigabit internet and I have so many people streaming so many things and me gaming and downloading updates it will be a blessing. If I wanna go back it seems to me I just use the Settings Manager and uninstall it and reboot?

If you are experiencing no issues then it probably won't matter much either way. If you start having problems uninstall the r8168 driver.


That is what I was thinking. I actually am doing better I did a speedtest the multi one and I usually get 250 - 260 this time I got 280 consistently and 20 both times so it was better this time. Thanks for the advice.

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