Whisker menu is a bit lagging

With all the new updates, Whisker menu appears a bit lagging with response. As one moves the mouse on the menu, the highlight of the item doesn't follow the mouse very quickly, and oftentimes, click on an application does not have much response.

Please read the following post... :arrow_down:


Appears having to do with themes. After new updates, the originally set theme might get reset to some default. I went to Appearance to set a theme, and Whisker works fine now.

Thanks for the notice, but that's nonsense. I asked a question and gave all the relevant info I could think of. If you can relate to the question, then great and please answer. If not but you would need more relevant info, then please ask.

No record, but quick, 16 min.

Sometimes that's not enough what you mean or believe... :slight_smile:

The question was in the link.
First no matter what the problem , provide the hardware and software with inxi -Fxxxza --no-host

$ inxi -Fxxxza --no-host


No, you didn't. You are assuming that we can read minds and that we know what desktop environment you're using. Or maybe you think that Manjaro only has one desktop environment and one menu style.

Manjaro has three official releases that each come with a different desktop environment, next to the Architect release, which lets you choose. There are also several community releases, each with its own desktop environment or window manager. In addition to that, there are several applications that have what is commonly described as a "whisker menu", which looks like three horizontal bars.

So how are we supposed to know what you mean?

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