Whisker Menu Leaves Panel When Updating

I've noticed on every occasion when there is an update to Manjaro 18 via pamac that the following appears


It is only a restart, not a problem, click Execute :slight_smile:

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Just click Execute ... i think was addressed/fixed in unstable branch, soon to be on stable ... I might be wrong tho.

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IMO, it shouldn't be happening.

It must, if code changed, in Win... you must reboot :smiley:

Ah, ok. Never saw it in all my time with v17.

@MK-ARCH-LINUX Ah, welcome youngster... :wink:

Version 17 had classic xfce (4.12) based on gtk2. It works fine and there are no such glitches.

Version 18 has xfce-gtk3 installed by default, but note that the XFCE developers have not officially completed the full XFCE 4.14 (gtk3) desktop environment yet.

While XFCE moves towards 4.14, Manjaro is working with the parts of xfce-gtk3 which are already in use (XFCE is modular), which use 4.13+++ as their version number.

If you were just using v17 on the same machine, there would have been no need to reinstall v18 on the same machine and you would still be on version 4.12 of XFCE which works well. You could have replaced xfce with xfce-gtk3 on the same installation if you wished, without reinstalling the whole distro.

Of course if you were installing Manjaro in another machine, then you would be using newer install media, ie v18 Illyria, and would be encountering xfce-gtk3.

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