White Login Screen on Deepin (Grub Problem solved)

First of all, Hello to all of you.
So I am posting because I have little problem with Manjaro Deepin.
Let me explain things step by step:
a) For a month or two I was using Windows without booting into Manjaro, since about week earlier from this day.
b) When I did it, I found out that Manjaro Grub installation can't be found by my uefi, only old ubuntu grub. So I used that grub to boot into manjaro and reinstall grub. Same problem occurred when I had to reboot system. However, this time before reinstalling grub I had deleted "grubx64.efi" file and since haven't rebooted my system.
c) So this might lead to my little problem. In both instances when I had locked (WINKEY + L) or had to close and reopen laptop lid my login screen was white, I could only see Manajro logo, my username and cursor where to type my password. Everything else is white. I had looked up to this problem, however most of the people has problem when booting system. My login screen after both instances of booting was normal and there was no problem.

Take a look at this.

scratching my head ...
Is your problem the boot process or the white color of your login screen after the system booted?

Maybe it's related to this

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Grub problem is solved

Please tell how it is solved.

It seems it's reproduced from another user.
Check this proposed solution

Well I am not exactly sure what solved it. I had gone to the link you provided and noticed that I had used this solution when I looked at the specific commands. So maybe it helped or maybe deleting .efi file before reinstalling grub helped.

Incorrect path to the wallpaper. Tried to copy wallpaper to /usr/share/backgrounds/deepin. Still same problem and now the problem is even added to the boot process

There is a known issue with Deepin background/wallpaper. Please search the forum to find the preferred solution or workaround.

Solved using "Set Wallpaper"

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