Why a package update is not available in manjaro repo - how to detect and help?

Please point me in direction where I can find the information why a package update is not available in manjaro repo?
Is there a way to help so that a package update is released quicker?
(I searched - search engine doesn't like me this morning)

It is available in arch community repo but not in manjaro community repo.
Package in question this time:

I see a newer package in unstable (random mirror):

Is there an online package browser for manjaro?

If a package update is waiting for a dependency to be updated also how can I investigate that further?

  • fish-3.0.0-1-x86_64 vs fish-3.0.1-1-x86_64

My english is bad, is that what you search?

In Pamac.

I use unstable Xfce.

That is it. I know that it is available in unstable.
I want to know what is keeping it from getting into stable?
Maybe some dependency or something else? I want to learn about the process.

Use unstable and help the developer to fix bugs :slight_smile: :wink:
Only way I know, install unstable, and go back to stable, the version will not change until newer version come out for stable.

Made without deepl.com :smiley:


Gladly. Where to check what are those bugs?

Read this:

Then also read this:


Found that myself - nice to know - does not answer my question.

Hm... OK. Can we help this developers with boxit access with a specific package?

No. Just wait, or switch to a higher branch.
(fish is available in the repos right? just not the exact version you want?)


That is right. Just not that version.
I did not want this to be about the fish package.
I want to know in general.

So, waiting is the only option?

No. You can also switch to a different branch.
( sudo pacman-mirrors -aB testing && sudo pacman -Syyu )
You can even decide to update then switch back and wait for the next round of updates longer than you would expect.
[though this of course isnt exactly advised if you arent ready for testing branch in the first place]

Or in this case there is a newer/git version in the aur you could choose to use instead.
yay -S fish-git

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The only reason a package will get pushed through the other branches into Stable before normal sync time, is if it's a security fix. Like Firefox saw in the last couple of days. Else packages has to wait until they have been tested in Unstable, then in Testing and then it will get synced to Stable.

So in the case of fish, since the update from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 is not a security fix, it will have to wait until it has gone through the regular branch sync times before it hits Stable.


Tried this. It is not - current version is 3.0.0.r164.g455959ae-1.
Many packages in AUR (in my experience) with suffix -git are at a lower version than in stable - unfortunately. They should not be - I know - but the fact is they are. I could mark it as outdated but that is not the point here.
:+1: for usiny yay :sunglasses:

Thats not how those things work :wink:
AUR git packages will build the latest git version .. it is specifically discouraged to bump the package just for reversioning.

Try it and see :wink:

Or even before trying you can look at the pkgbuild:
which of course would be master branch. You cant get any more up to date than that.

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Thank you. It is much clearer now.
The testing is made only by the Core team or all users with testing or unstable branches?

All users on the Testing and Unstable branches test the packages, they use.
Sure some packages won't get tested much, because not many users actually use them.
But if you would like to make sure a package gets tested, please switch to either Testing or Unstable branch to help out. I am running on Unstable with my laptop, which is running KDE and the fish shell. :slight_smile:

What is that time - how it is determined? Is there a schedule?

My bad - I was wrong. :thinking:
Live and learn I guess.


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