Why are you using Manjaro?

We are currently redesigning our homepage and want to add some examples of how useful and good Manjaro is. We currently have 6 "user cases" that will explain one aspect of Manjaro for a specific group of users. These are currently:

  • Artists
  • Beginners
  • Developers
  • Students
  • Gamers
  • Scientists
    (If you have ideas for more, just write it down)

So I want to ask you:

  • Which type of user are you?
  • Why are you using Manjaro?
  • What features of Manjaro make it ideal for you?
  • If you want you can also say something about the edition (XFCE, KDE, ...) you are using: What is special to this edition? For who else could it be right?

I'm somewhere between a student and a scientist, I guess (I hope ;)).

I use Manjaro because it is both easy to set up and powerful.

I like the rolling release update policy because I got sick of Ubuntu's dist-updates which frequently lead to problems. I like the AUR because it includes about every package you could possibly think of and much more, no need to search for PPAs. I like the graphical installer and the way a fresh Manjaro installation looks and works because I got tired of setting up Arch Linux on every new machine.

I like the Xfce edition because I got used to GTK apps over many years (so KDE is out of question), because I dislike most of the modern desktops like Unity and Gnome3 and because it works well with Compiz which I love a lot.


To add some groups:

  • Retired people
  • Jobless people
  • Pirates :laughing:

Don't forget the teachers!


beginner, graphic design, gamers...
-love the Budgie desktop but hard to get 3rd party package in solus (love to have gimp 2.9.x) tho i havent successfully installed it from AUR yet LOL guess i ll be patient.
-budgie start menu could use some rework (elementary's is nice!)


Special Education Teacher and
GNU/Linux, open source and open knowledge enthusiastic :slight_smile:


That could be a motto! +1!
I am a scholar (I work on Medieval Middle-Eastern literatures). You can type: old books in Google Images, and you‘ll get a picture to add to that of SCIENTISTS. :slight_smile:
Manjaro is inspiring.

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Hi, i'm a regular user. I have Manjaro KDE on a laptop (Asus ROG G55VW). I used to play games alot on PC but now I'm older and found many advantages of using linux. Now all my software is legal :slight_smile: (and working!) :smiley: So, Windows has gone few years ago. Now after long searching of perfect distro I'm a happy user of Manjaro. I choose it becouse of easy driver (nvidia) administration and many kernels to choose. Mhwd rules! I found pacman and yaourt as most fantastic packet managers. Installing, rolling back, and others is very handy. Oh, I wold forgot.. AUR. This is what tigers likes the best! No more seaching, and hardcoding... No morre workarounds. I tried Arch and deriverates but why so serious? I'm a lazy man and prefer cut something than building from scratch (but here is nothing to cut :smiley:). Even when something goes wrong I can read forums and Arch wiki. With this distro i'm asking on forums less, and reading more wiki.
And About the spin. I use KDE becouse now it is very stable. I love Gnome. I was using it previously for very long time but then comes a moment when you want to check something else. I heard that KDE is so stable these days, so why don't give a shot? Now i'm afraid that i'll stick with it. It is so configurable... And suprisingly stable. Did i mention it?
Sorry for my bad English, It is not my native language, I don't use it often :wink:


The reason I migrated from Mint to Manjaro is how easy I could install different kind of third party libraries for Python programming language I'm trying to learn. I couldn't get all to work under Mint.

Once I started to use Manjaro I fell in love with it. :slight_smile:


I am self employed professional, love to explore into the opensource [ever since i got a cd with redhat 5.2 sometime in late 1998/99 i suppose, non gui] i remember the days i never knew anyting in *nix and i had to catch up a mag with basic commands and ways of partitioning disk using the linux command from the live cd.

having said that, i got a taste of manjaro openbox [0.83? i dont remember] that was for a short while. prior to that i had sort of "graduated" to understand the simple and lucid explanation in arch wiki and start with Arch... well rolling release was the main cause as i had broken packages during many of the ubuntu upgrades !
arch system fascinated me and had been using it for almost a year or so when i broke it beyond recovery [all done to enlighten myself in linux and its awesome capabilities]

after i broke arch, i was hunting for an arch like distro which will give me the best with least effort [let me confess, i am also a lazy guy who never re-works on the ativities already executed !]

after a short stint of manjaro openbox, i opted for the elementary [spare time became scarce and i wanted a linux distro which just worked with all its stability without having necessity of a bleeding edge distro]

elementary still runs on the desktop and its manjaro on my laptop booting happily along side windows that came pre-installed and i didnt wish to remove it (family is more in need of windows and it will be some time till i make them "TUX smart"

Well, coming to the thread objective...

i use MANJARO.... coz...

  1. all packages / multimedia codecs etc just works after the install without having the need to configure
  2. its not a resource hog [another reason for me deviating from the 'buntus and its derivatives]
    3)its (almost) bleeding edge may be next to just Arch.
  3. its package management system [pacman is just superb]
  4. eventhough i do not have any basic knowledge in image manipulation or digital art, it being my passion and a hobby, i use gimp a lot. just started using inkscape and learning the nitty gritty stuff on my own.
  5. wine helps me do almost all of my office related works so there is no need to boot into windows
  6. within my capacity, i ve been able to induce a few "windowers" to venture into this simple yet fully loaded and light on resource distro
  7. i am sure Manjaro will be on my system for the years to come !
  8. having hopped thru all the desktops [gnome2, gnome-shell, kde, gnome-classic, mate, cinnamon, openbox, blackbox, fluxbox, lumina (in pcbsd), xfce...gnome2 was my fav with compiz, which i still use in openindiana], now i am fascinated wth i3 [also using jw and budgie]

for the homepage addition, i think a one liner should work ? so here i can sum up...

"MANJARO, Its an easy to use "Arch"itechture that will be admired by both; the first timers as well as professionals / programmers..... it just works !"


I'm a musician and looking forward to use libre music software to work on my audio production. I think the free software ideology should be implemented into professional workstation and that's why I use and support Linux in general. For daily basis I also looking forward to do gaming.

Currently I'm using the KDE edition. The reason is the KDE is beautiful, easy to customize, and I like the dolphin file manager that ships with the KDE edition. The dolphin split feature make it faster and easier to move around files.

I always promote manjaro to my friends because it's good for beginner and have many software and codecs preinstalled and ready to go.


I'm a home user, with little knowledge of linux, though I've been using it for about a decade now.
I have no programming skills whatsoever.
I use manjaro xfce edition and like it a lot.
On this pc, I can only install arch or arch based distributions, others don't seem to detect the networkcard.
I like manjaro for its easy install, complete desktop environments and flexibility.
I want to get my feet wet in some basic scripting and manjaro is just ideal for this as well, helpfull community, and good wiki.
Furthermore, it has everything on board ( which is basicly true for most linux distros out there targetting the home user ) and if I don't like a certain proposed application, it is easily replaced by one of my liking.
It seems to be solid, yet accessible. I just love it :slight_smile:


Which type of user are you?

  • Musician
  • Software Developer

A quote e.g. "I use Manjaro because it is xyz"

I use Manjaro because of my previous experience in 6-month release cycle distro, which have at least 2 disadvantages:

  • Often, I can't use latest version of a software due to the lack of required newer library version of its dependencies
  • That once every 6-month cycle upgrade is neither smooth nor fast

which drops my productivity quite significantly, from which Manjaro solves both elegantly.

What features of Manjaro make it ideal for you?

Its rolling release feature is the main factor I choose Manjaro. Also because of its Arch base, it has AUR access, which opens many possibilities for installing 3rd party managed apps from a central repository where significant amount of softwares I need are there. I can also (and have) contribute very, very easily to AUR.

If you want you can also say something about the edition (XFCE, KDE, ...) you are using: What is special to this edition? For who else could it be right?

I use KDE edition, simply because I'm a KDE fan. The first Linux DE I fell in love with is KDE. I consider it as the most flexible, customizable and feature complete DE, because most of the time you don't have to deal with terminal or text editor to adjust certain things, KDE is likely to have already a nice GUI frontend for such needs. It also provides you a suite of daily applications, though not all of them are of good quality, which integrates seamlessly with the desktop. Surely KDE is the way to go for those coming from other common OSes with GUI centric UX because other than the default configuration still follows desktop metaphor, which other OSes follow, it can be tailored to other environments like netbook, mobile, etc. rather easily.


Actually you are somewhere between a particle and a wave.




Because I am being held hostage in a cellar, so I can't use Windows.

truthfully - it is all Ringo's fault - he lured me away from Mint Debian, with promises that my AMD/ATI card would work.... and it did, But that laptop is dead..... still here.



I'm a Graphic Designer / Network Technician / Computer Engineer...

I use Manjaro because I'm a Linux Enthusiast that want's to learn more about it. I've been a Linux user form 10 years, and started to experience Arch for about 2 years now, and Manjaro came to be both easy and powerful. Arch is great, but manjaro has some of the best tools that someone could find in the GNU/Linux World.

The features that are great about it are the Kernel Management tools and the Language management tools.

Until now I've used Manjaro KDE, XFCE and GNOME with great love about the three of them.


If we are speaking about that, then I'm just a quantum field excitation, as simple as that. :wink:


I am a Gamer, Student, Musician, Hobbyist Programmer whose been using Linux for nearly a year now. My number one reason for using Manjaro (or any Linux distribution really) is...
I'm sorry, I'm a massive sucker for pretty DE's which is why I use Manjaro KDE. I switched from Kubuntu to Manjaro a few weeks ago firstly because at the moment Kubuntu is a bit broken and unstable (but let's not dwell on my ex-distro) and secondly because it was always my intention to try an Arch based distro (but I first wanted to level my Linux up a bit on an Ubuntu based distro). Manjaro KDE is probably one of the best KDE distros out at the moment. When I first started using the distro I was surprised at how stable it was. I was used to plasma shell crashing repeatedly in Kubuntu whenever I tried to place widgets and fiddle with panels, but Manjaro is yet to experience such problems (probably due to a newer version of KDE).
Then there is the AUR... When switching to Manjaro I was finally able to get the gmail plasmoid working in KDE. I tried so hard to make it work in Kubuntu, but it always failed to compile (mainly because I had no idea what I was doing). In Manjaro it was as simple as typing 'yaourt gmail' and the package compiled and installed. Completely idiot proof! (Disclaimer: I am not in any way responsible for any misadventures you may have in the AUR)
Finally, Manjaro is a great balance between having the latest and greatest software and having a stable system. I'm currently really enjoying the fact that much of my music software and office sweet is close to the latest versions and I'm not using software which is close to 6 months old just because it is "more stable". I also love how easy it is in Manjaro to switch out the kernel - there's even now a special low latency kernel designed for music production. I'm looking forward to testing it!
There are so many other great things about Manjaro. In fact it surprises me just how little I need Windows now. The only reason I have to ever boot into Windows is to play my more modern games which sadly won't run in wine. Not to mention that Manjaro will only download updates and upgrade when I tell it to and not when the operating system feels like it.
"Manjaro has the simplicity of Ubuntu but the power of Arch."


It's just a "matter" of "time" before you "wave" goodbye to your very existence. I'll converge all your feasible solutions onto the complex plane so hard, you'll get buried deep into zero potential state.

^ That's why i use manjaro. Fun community.


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