Why discover in manjaro don't have fwupd and snap plugins

In manjaro discover don't have a snap and fwupd plugin it only has packagekit and flatpak plugin I hope manjaro to consider adding them to repo

According to the package fwupd is optional, like are packagekit and flatpak

Discover package is imported from Arch which don't have support for snap

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For fwupd just install it manually:

sudo pacman -S fwupd

and you will see in discover:


As to snaps, I have no idea. I tried to ask everywhere in KDE community and even talked about it with Nate Graham and all I got was silence. It means, no one really knows how to enable those. I only got an answer that the snap support is optional and dependent on distro maintainers who should add it manually. So at the moment no snaps in Discover on Arch.

Snap support ( build of the plugin) is done at Discovery build time.. if snap is available ( installed on the build machine) during the build then the plugin will be built. But as arch don't support snap the plugin won't be built then no snap support.

I think i already answered this once in the forum

Thanks for clarification. So that means: compile Discover yourself or convince Discover developers to create an optional discover-snap plugin that everyone could install.

If i remember it's not a built flag.. the build process just check if snap is installed on the machine..
I will maybe check if it's possible to just build thread plugin and create a AUR package. But i think it's not possible without building all..

Yeah, I got it. Have snap, compile discover, should work.

I'm not a fan of flatpaks and snaps on Arch systems but from two of those, I have more positive experience with snaps and just for the freedom sake I like to have such support build in into Discover.

Wait a moment... I found in AUR discover-snap. Checking it out.

EDIT: So this is a snap version of Discover. Here is an exception of PKGBUILD:


Just checked.. yes it will build and install all discover with the snap backend.

@Shrinivas17081997, this is Linux. You can do anything you are capable of doing.

Learn how.


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Yeah i know its just not enough expertise and enough learning

Can't be installed, PGP key is missing. How was the command to add certain key?

The error was:

discover-5.14.1.tar.xz ... DO NOT MATCH (unknown public key EC94D18F7F05997E)

UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that would also stop you from doing clever things. -- Doug Gwyn

@Shrinivas17081997, we were all new to Linux at some point. All of us. So the proper point to start learning is now.

Here's a little help:
Manjaro Wiki
Arch Wiki
Pacman Rosetta
How To Ask Smart Questions

regards :smiley:

@c00ter, is this info still valid?


However, it's still bit vague and confusing. I need pictures... :frowning:


Seems like this helped:

gpg --recv-key 2D1D5B0588357787DE9EE225EC94D18F7F05997E

So the text is still helpful.

Success! I was able to install discover-snap and it looks like it's working:

Screenshot-2018-10-20-17-00-46 Screenshot-2018-10-20-17-03-59

@Shrinivas17081997, so that covers all of the issues of the topic.

Install fwupd and discover-snap (AUR) and you're good to go.


The two-part, yeah, it is. When I install Arch from scratch, it is necessary to install the archlinux-keyring, which then checks and populates the signature database via pacman-key.

But for the rest, I've never submitted a package to the AUR so I do not know.


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