Why does my system not use swap?

I have 16GB of RAM, but I often find myself using all of it. Whenever I get to 15+ GB, my system slows to a crawl before crashing. Then I have to reboot the PC to get it to work again as it is pretty much unusable.

My question is, why doesn't my PC move these tasks to the swap when necessary? If I run htop, it says that 0K/0K of Swp is being used and this doesn't change even when I am using a lot of RAM. Running cat /proc/sys/vm/swappinessyields 10 so I am pretty sire that is not the issue either.

Any ideas?

Have you made any customizations like cachebuffer or anything else?
What does /etc/fstab look like ?

Looks like you don’t have Any swap file or partition? Ok/ok. Means 0/0 swap?

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I somehow forgot to edit the config file after making the swap file. Thank you.

Another Idea would be to use systemd-swap, so the system crates swapfiles itself if needed. So you dont waste space when there is no need for


I do agree !

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