Why Falkon browser doesnt store my Manjaro forum password in kdewallet?

i m using Falkon browser integrated with kwallet backend.

it saves my passwords for google, facebook and many other sites. but i dont know why kwallet doesnt ask to save my username and password for this manjaro community forum.

Pls how to fix this ??

You have to enable the KWallet Password extension from Preferences > Extensions
You will be asked for the KWallet password and you should have it there. Hope this helps!

EDIT: So, it seems the issue is totally different than previously described. It works on different sites but not on this forum. Check if the built in Password Manager has the AutoFill options enabled (both options), if is set to store in the KWallet backend, and has no saved password from previous backends and also if there is something to the Exceptions list.
Log out from the forum, clear the cache and all the stored data, close the browser and reopen it and try that way.

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thanks for u reply.

i already know that . i am using falkon browser with kwallet xtension.

and as i have already said before falkon browser saves my password in kwallet for all other sites such as google, facebook. but the browser doesnt ask to save password when i visit on manjaro forum page. does manjaro forum sites have some kind of extra security layer ?

what about u ? r u using kde ? does it work on ur machine?

I have noticed this, the forum no longer allows me some of the time to auto login. Easy to spot as I use the dark theme. I click login and the fields are populated correctly, but it will not auto-login. Weird.

Close forum tab (I use firefox) reopen and voila:

may be auto fill up works good with firefox for most of the sites. but i use kde and i prefer falkon browser and trojita as email client since they are based on qt.
kwallet works good with network manager, trojita and even with falkon. but not on for all sites. may be the bug is in falkon. i will report it to kde.


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