Why i dont see the propietary drivers install option in Manjaro Settings Manager

I just see the option of auto install open source driver, despite having selected the option of propietary drivers prior to the installation process.
Unfortunately the open source drivers perform really low compared to the propietary ones, i can't even play doom via gzdoom properly like i used to do in xubuntu with the same laptop.
Sorry for my english... not my native language


My bluetooth adaptor did not recognize the ps4 dualshock either, as it used to do right out of the box in xubuntu, so maybe this is also related with the open source drivers, again, despite having selected the propietary ones to install within the os, i ended up with the open source ones
Any help would be much apreciated



Branch: Stable

CPU: old i5

GPU: integrated intel

GPU driver: open source

Desktop Environment: xfce

...for BT, no specs just guess.

If you actually have intel .. there isnt any other option but open source...
[and it would be the same one you used on (insert distro) ... might be more up to date here]

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