Why I'm Leaving Manjaro

The Manjaro community and admins are not friendly I got insulted, berated, and treated with no respect all for just, oddly enough, making a mistake in semantics on a topic. I was respectful and I even thanked them for their input As soon as I pointed out that I was insulted, the admin closed the topic sighting "to prevent fighting" as if I was the only one causing problems Its really sad that their is such a disdain for people who are new to Linux or make mistakes in general so much so that instead of just pointing it out, they have to make people feel small with insults This is not just an unfriendly environment, it is a downright toxic one I really wanted to stay with Manjaro but it is this behavior that has made me realize I cannot support such toxic behavior in good conscience This message isn't for those who are toxic, it is for all of you just learning Be prepared to get insulted for being "wrong" instead of merely corrected in a constructive manner Unless you are "born out of the womb knowing arch like the back of your hand, and was never a noob so you should have been born that way too", then you will get much disdain for your posts People in this community including some admins apparently forgot or believe they never were newbies to Linux by how they act to any misstep a person makes in Linux At the very most when you do get help, expect it to come with much disdain and seriousness in the matter Don't expect them to smile because they just won't If you're curious, you can click here to see which post I am talking about: My Post I wish all of you the best and I really hope that the Manjaro team learn from their mistakes and your experience is better than mine Take care Ban accepted! :smile:

No it isn't. And I've been here for some time now...

Anyway, good luck.


good luck elsewhere!

You posted a thread which you said you knew was flame-bait, used it to say Ubuntu is better than Manjaro, then expected people not to respond with their views?

You essentially walked into someone's house then criticised their decor, favourite food, and said their pet was stupid.

If you view the comments and discussion in that thread as "toxic behaviour" then I'd be very interested to know which forums would respond differently.

Please PM me to explain what mistakes you think have been made.

Which ban? There is no ban. Please don't misrepresent events to fit your narrative.

Or was this all just a ploy to be able to create a YouTube video entitled "Why Manjaro is toxic" ?


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