Why is the LTS kernel 5.4 not marked as recommended?

I have read the following thread which is about the same question that I have. In its fourth post marked as the solution of this thread, @Aragorn wrote:

It seems to me to not completely answer the question of @RubenStobbart in this cited thread, since the 5.4 is for example now marked as LTS but not marked as recommended in my graphical kernel manager. So being marked as LTS or as recommended seems to be 2 different things.

Why is the LTS kernel 5.4 not marked as recommended? When will be then the 5.4 kernel marked as recommended in this graphical kernel manager?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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5.4 is LTS marked as such at kernel.org.

I don't know the real reason - but one could speculate the reason to be other issues with the kernel.

My personal experience with 5.4 was a system slowdown - and using 5.5 solved those issues.

If kernel 5.4 is marked as recommended and users experience slowdowns or other intermittent problems this would raise a lot of questions of why it is recommended when it is worse than it's predecessors.

Yes it is LTS - and personally - I would not recommend it.


On my system, 5.4 performs very well, but your mileage ─ or in this case, most likely your hardware ─ may vary. :slight_smile:

I do however agree that a kernel that shows performance regressions for certain users should not be the one recommended by the distribution. If 4.19 works well enough and 5.4 doesn't, then it's better to stick with 4.19 ─ at least, until the end of the year, when it reaches EOL. :man_shrugging:

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I just hope that 5.4 gets all of its issues fixed before 4.19 reaches EOL.


5.4 has too many regressions just search this forum and you'll see loads of issues with I/O scheduling, WLAN, LAN issues cropping up that are resolved by changing back to previous kernels. 4.19 is still the better option unless your hardware is too new for it. If your hardware is indeed too new, 5.5 seems to work better too.


I have seen there that 4.19 should reach EOL in December 2024. I am still wondering if the problems with 5.4 are now solved or still exists.
Thanks again for all your answers!

it's a 4 month old thread..
I personally never got issue with 5.4
better to try yourself to find out.


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