Why is yaourt still used as the default AUR helper?

I mean, there are lot of posts regarding this topic in the archlinux subreddit. I very recently installed manjaro linux, and was a bit surprised to see yaourt still being used as the default AUR helper, I do not understand why any actions aren't taken against this.
With that being said I am using pacaur now, but don't know if there are any gui frontend for pacaur. In arch linux, I just installed pamac-pacaur, which is nothing but the same pamac manager but it uses pacaur for aur functioning.
But there is no such package availble in the manjaro repos. What do you guys do to solve this issue?
Are there any GUI frontends for pacaur to work with?

Perhaps for these reasons:

Take a look here:

Actually it is not. The 17.0 ISO's does not ship with yaourt. It uses Pamac's built in feature instead.


As already stated, there's PacUI. But just using pacaur instead of pacman from command line will work just fine.

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