Why latest Manjaro KDE has so many apps hardcoded?

Got another PC and my obvious choice was to install Manjaro KDE, which I did. And I'm amazed how many hardcoded apps Manjaro KDE 19.0.2 has. When saying hardcoded, I means apps that you can't simply uninstall because they will remove half of other apps/modules and system won't even start in most cases (or will be unusable).

In the past, Manjaro team improved this with every new release - less and less hardcoded apps were bundled. Which is not the case anymore. Here are just some apps I can't remove from Manjaro anymore because doing so uninstalls almost everything - from core KDE modules to stuff like dictionaries:

Suse Image Writer
..and many more

I know there is some type of workaround to remove only specified packages (without uninstalling half the OS) via CLI, but why in the Earth you do that? The main reason I left MS team and switched to Linux was option to have my OS bloat-free after installation, or even have an option to remove everything I don't need.

I understand different users might needs different apps, so it's fair enough that Manjaro comes pre-installed with tons of them. But for God's sake, please allow users to remove apps they don't need...

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Are you removing unrequired dependencies in Add/Remove Software?
Toggle that setting off and see if it helps.

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I'm personally on plasma..
I removed steam and K3B without issue. it just unistall the dependencies required by them and not needed anymore.
if I try to remove Suse Image Writer it will only remove it. and nothing else..

please give more details..
Removing steam will maybe remove a lot of lib32 libs that are not needed by anyhing else.

Windows is not linux..
it's why there is "dependencies" between package..
Each software use some library that is shipped in other package and share these library with other software.. the package manager then will try to uninstall all package required by the one you want o remove if they are not required by any other package in your system

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Are you on 19.0.2? I can perfectly remove all the unwanted apps on 18.x releases, that's why I was very surprised after doing a fresh install of 19.0.2.

I maybe did not install with 19.02.

It's why I asked more details.. maybe you have a meta package that do this behavior..

and beside new pamac version since you last tried (then maybe different behavior) or some "meta package" that is in 19.02 that were not in 18.x there should be no difference between your installation than mine..

packages have the same dependencies with you and me..
I don't use pamac.. I never had issue with octopi to remove dependencies when removing an application.

Please check the pamac settings, like @knome mentioned.

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I was using default config, I believe it's off by default. Can't check now because performing installation via Architect at the moment :slight_smile:

it seems this option has some bad side effect..

I never used pamac, I don't like it. never had this kind of issue with octopi.

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My mistake. It's a Rant and Rave, innit?
I will master the complexities of this forum...

Personally, I prefer pamac over octopi because it's much more intuitive to me, but it has some serious bugs. The most common (with tons of complaints on the forum) - downloads stop randomly. But it was slightly improved with recent releases...

that's the beauty of linux.. choice.. everyone use what he like most.. nothing is perfect.. as long you know the downside or bugs of the tool you use and workaround until it's fixed in case of bug.. or workaround in a "behavior" you don't like.. etc.

You can always use the kde minimal ISO and add whatever you actually want after install. Same goes for Architect.

The apps currently on the ISO aren't that bad a selection. There's no way to please everyone all of the time :slight_smile:

I have always removed unwanted apps with "sudo pacman -R" followed by the package names I wanted to remove. It has never removed anything I didn't tell it to remove.

hardcoded and dependencies are two different things ...


This is another example of the problems with 'cascade' being the default removal function of pamac ..

@toxpal .. this is an issue with the removal method (and/or tool in use) ... nothing has been 'hardcoded' in any way different than previous releases.

In example lets use pacman, without cascade, but with removing unrequired deps too (recursive).
(this is using the 'print' flag - it wont do anything, just report what would happen)

sudo pacman -Rsp k3b

What does that show for removal?

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I re-installed Manjaro (KDE Minimal) using Architect, so can't test it right now, and the only unwanted module on current installation is a bunch of QT5 Tools, which I can live with. But I tried launching that command to remove QT5 and got this:

removing qt5-tools breaks dependency 'qt5-tools' required by spectacle

I should get another PC in a week or two, so I will try to install "normal" (non-Architect) version of KDE and will try the same command with k3b, steam, and others.

Qt5 is the toolkit on which KDE Plasma and its apps are built. You shouldn't remove it. This would be like installing Gnome and trying to remove gtk3.

Actually, I just wanted to remove apps for developers (like QT designer), but it's OK for me if they sit there...

Then the logical thing to do would be ? ...

pacman -Rsp qt5-tools spectacle

Looks good?

sudo pacman -Rns qt5-tools spectacle

(because I cant help proving my point I did it just now. works fine.)

@anon11646911 qt5-tools is development tools .. not needed by most things. QT framework is intact :wink:

Maybe use the minimal releases. They come only with essential applications.

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