Why linux-zen or linux-lqx aren't in manjaro repos?

especially linux-zen which is officially supported by arch?

Manjaro has its own kernels, which are handled by mhwd, and largely incorporate many of the liqorix and zen patches (where widely applicable).

So - mainly there is simply no need.

If you are specialized enough to know the differences, think you need them, and can install or compile them on your own (and keep the system running while working outside of mhwd) then you are welcome to do so. It is far from impossible.

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sounds even better
is there a list of main differences between manjaro's kernel and arch (or vanilla) kernel?

Here is 5.4 for example (compare to whatever you like)

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Whoever gave you this bogus info has seriously mislead you.

Manjaro kernels are made up of 13 patches for the bootsplash crud, another 5+ or so for AUFS and about the same again for apparmor crud. Then there are currently 4 patches for adding support for a dell all in one. With finally a couple for AMD GPU fixes.

Nowhere does it contain many of the liqorix or zen patches, there is a single zen patch.

Manjaro kernels are basically stock kernels with the patches I mentioned installed.


..yeah, seeing the 5.4 I noticed that.

In the past there was more than just the single ZEN patch.

Oh well - everyone can look and see either way :wink:


You can build the kernel from AUR

pamac search -a linux-zen

Same with lqx

pamac search -a linux-lqx

How are the kernels handled concerning this topic:

I see that mkinitcpio is now built by Manjaro. I did not try to build an AUR-kernel recently, is it again possible (i.e. has Manjaro adopted the change of Arch)?

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I don't know - I just assumed it was possible - I have never had the drive to build the kernel - when you mention I can remember something about Arch change to kernel building. Only @philm can answer that.

I am fairly new to Manjaro but not linux as a whole.
Before coming to Manjaro I was running pure Arch for a while and compiled my own verisons off the ck-linux kernel. I have keept my routine of compile my own kernels on Manjaro and haven´ t had any problems what so ever. I git clone the needed files from the ck -repo and then using the pkgbuild for configuring and then xconfig for tweaking the kernel. Wich makes it very easy.

The difference between standard ck and zen kernels are minor and the zen-kernel (wich I have also tried) works perfectly fine on Manjaro, atleast for me.


Because they can't just support thousands of variants of the kernel. You need someone to maintain those kernels, and do the job properly. They have to make choices in the end.

Could you explain the gain Manjaro would get with Zen or LQX?

Manjaro is based on Arch, but they do not necessarily follow everything Arch do.

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but looks like older kernels have more patches like 4.19 which has BFQ

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i can build them but building a kernel from AUR takes so long and using it is risky compared to manjaro's official kernel

Kernel building is an acquired taste, but can be satisfying in its own right. I tried the liquorix patch/.config when I was using debian based distros. For my casual use, I did not notice a signficant improvement in performance, YMMV. I had a bigger performance gain switching to Manjaro than I did by patching debian kernels (Cinnamon desktops.)


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