Why There Should Be A Revival Of Support For 32 Bit Machines

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There's Manjaro32.

32-bit isn't dead, so doesn't need to be revived.

There are dozens of 32-bit distros around, so there will be always a possibility to keep using 32-bit hardware.

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Where can I find "Manjaro32?"

See Bogdan's link above.

Or simply start here

Apparently it only exists for currently running installs. No ISO available. https://manjaro32.org/


admittedly they're a bit old, @jonathon maybe has newer ones?

I stand corrected. An old ISO that can be "updated." I can appreciate that. It concerns me 32 bit is no longer as mainstream as it used to be. I really had no problem finding the official ISO when I installed Ubuntu Budgie on my wife's netbook. Thank you for your help.

I can understand you well, but IT business is very fast moving. The first consumer 64-bit CPUs were released 15 years ago.
But don't worry, 32-bit will be around for some time.


The most recent version can be found at OSDN.net

Well I hope its around forever. Like cassette tapes and CDs. I know it sounds strange and my friends think I'm strange but I like the idea of old tech still working. I like old muscle cars, Nintendo games, Commodore PCs, Atari, netbooks, etc. I don't think of them as "obsolete" but as classics I can revisit with some nostalgia. Heck, even my nephews love playing Nintendo from time to time because he says the games on his PS4 are too easy! Lol! I know I'm strange for wanting it and if there was an eight track player (before my time) and I had eight track cassettes, I would play them from time to time. Old tech working makes me feel good about early beginnings since I can feel good about where we came from as human beings. They aren't just memories or pieces of history. They are living parts of a whole human story that I like to share with my fellow humans. May they live long into future generations for them to discover as retro yet a fun look into who we were. Thank you guys for your help.

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We all love old tech, doesn't sound strange at all to me, you're fine :slight_smile:
Still we cannot stop progress, it's part of human evolution.

I've updated the site now to point to the most recent installer images.

The images themselves could do with another update at some point too...

"I don't get it... why haven't you got enough time to do your paid job, be all over the forum helping and solving problems, build and package software, diagnose and fix upstream bugs, and spin new installer images? What else would you want to do with your life?"


the most trouble with 32 bits Machine :
-try to go Internet with 1Go memory , its impossible ( or 16Go MMC as disks )
-any heavy video with screen 4K or more


Let me know - I can try ... - need directions - PM

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From what I remember it's essentially the same as spinning the 64-bit Xfce image, but using the 32-bit ISO profile.

That did not go well

~ >>> buildiso -a i686 -p xfce -f
[sudo] password for fh: 
 --> Profile: [xfce]
==> Start building [xfce]
==> Cleaning up ...
  -> Deleting isoroot [iso] ...
 --> Loading Packages: [Packages-Root] ...
==> Prepare [Base installation] (rootfs)
 --> mirror: https://www.uex.dk/public/manjaro/unstable/$repo/$arch
==> Creating install root at /var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/xfce/i686/rootfs
  -> Installing packages to /var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/xfce/i686/rootfs
warning: option --root is deprecated; use --sysroot instead
:: Synchronizing package databases...
 core                                         907,0   B   221K/s 00:00 
error: target not found: acpi

error: target not found: zsh
==> ERROR: Failed to install packages to new root
==> ERROR: Failed to install all packages
~ >>> buildiso -b x32-unstable -a i686 -p xfce -f 
==> ERROR: x32-unstable is not a valid branch!

After a little hacking - I think I got it running - now it a problem with pgp signatures. I have read something somewhere.

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I have an old computer running on antiX 32 bit. Without it i can throw it away, because nearly nothing runs on it. It has 2GB ram.


This is epic!
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