Why use Linux containers for home / desktop / laptop users

I've seen a lot of discussion on how great and useful containers are, but I'm still confused to why I should use them. What are the pros and cons of containers (LXC, Docker, etc.) for home level users / desktop / laptop users? Why should someone run Wine or Steam within a container? I've looked at some documentation on the web but most of it seems to focus on server level use yet I often see a lot of people talking how they use them for almost everything.

It's main usage is indeed to maintain uniformity between versions of apps, libraries, etc. among computers (production servers, development laptops/desktops) which may be lost due to differences in OSes (i.e. your development laptop uses Manjaro, but your production server is Ubuntu).

I don't see any use of it for home level users except if you want to deploy your work that shares the same use case as above. For instance, a local web app that depends on certain versions of nginx, php and mariadb, which you don't want to be broken by upgrades.

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