Why won't ctrl + alt + t open a terminal?

I just switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro. On Ubuntu, I was able to open a terminal using this keyboard shortcut. Is there a way to set this keyboard shortcut for terminal or is there another way than using the GUI.

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You have to set that in what ever Desktop you are using. Some maintainers of different Desktops just don't set that feature. I'm currently running Mate. I had installed the Cinnamon ISO originally and switched back to Mate just recently. That feature was not set for me. You should be able to find the Keyboard Shortcuts for your Desktop and set this feature. In Mate, just go into Control Center and Keyboard Shortcuts to enable.

Have you tried SuperT?

CTRL+ALT+T works fine in KDE, Super+T doesn't.

In GNOME most keybindings can be viewed under the User Menu -> System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts

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In Xfce:

Super+T doesn't work (by default super is bind to pop-up Whisker menu)
Ctrl-alt-t by default will open the dropdown xfce4-terminal

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That's the nice thing about Linux.... You can configure it anyway you want. For example... I have setup CTRL+Z to close windows and SUPER+LeftArrow / SUPER+RightArrow to shove windows to the left and right sides of the screen. That works great for me as I use the keyboard more than the mouse.

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Ubuntu sets that custom shortcut in gnome, because it was default in unity.

To create your own keybinding: press super, type "short" and select keyboard shortcuts under the settings. Scroll to the bottom of the list, press the button to add keybinding. Use gnome-terminal for command.


If you are using gnome you can just create a shortcut for opening the terminal.
Go into your system settings and open the keyboard shortcut section.
Here, scroll all the way down to add a new shortcut.

The command for opening the terminal (if you are using the standard gnome-terminal) is
gnome-terminal &


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