Wi-Fi adapter not working properly

So I just switched over from Linux Mint Cinnamon, in order to get used to pacman before moving up to Arch. I tried connecting to my Wi-Fi, but it says device failed (not sure, will post the errors later) and I'm guessing that it's driver related. Can someone tell me how do I install programms included in tar.gz or tarball files at all?

Welcome to Manjaro.

You can install packages locally via pacman:

$ sudo pacman -U package.tar.gz

As to your wifi problem: it woudl be helpful to post more information, see:

My wifi adapter is a TP-Link WN822N V5 using the RTL8192EU chip from Realtek. After googling and searching around this forum, I've tried multiple solutions but none of them worked (Solution for TP-Link TL-WN823N (V2) wireless USB adapter is the first I tried). I thought that the open source driver would work just fine but i guess I was wrong

This forum features a search function, a search for TP-Link WN822N comes up with:

and one for RTL8192EU with even more (solved) results:

Thanks, but I solved it out on my own, I just had to black list the default open source driver and reboot!

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