wicd Dbus and UI problem

well, so far i am having nothing but troubles with Manjaro unfortunately...
At first problems with the installation and now after I managed to fix it thanks to the forum and some nice people i am dealing issues with screen freeze (goes black) and i cannot wake him up, then i am forced to brute shutdown the laptop ( ASUS FX504) and when he came back up i encountered 2 error messages:
Screenshot_2020-01-12_22-45-47 Screenshot_2020-01-12_22-46-03

5.4.6-2-MANJARO (linux54)
The following kernels are installed in your system:

  • linux54
    Restarted the system twice, messages still pop up.
    Searching in the forums shows only 1 match with something similar but does not seem to effect on him the same as it effects on me..
    Any suggestions or reinstallation is my only option?


Please read this thread on how to post required information properly:

Post all outputs as text.

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Also, what wicd package have you installed? By default Manjaro uses networkmanager related packages for wired and wireless management, not wicd
Also, also you might want to use the wixd-patched from repos and not the AUR packages ...

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