Widgets from the desktop disappear from time to time

All the widgets from the desktop and the screen saver began to disappear periodically. This happened after some kind of update. I turn on my laptop and the desktop is empty. It happens about once a week.

journalctl | grep kde: https://pastebin.com/bM6d6wRX
journalctl -b: https://pastebin.com/KmXQpC0Z

I can confirm this on Manjuaro KDE testing on 2 machines. Condensed Weather will disappear about once every two weeks on 1 or the other machine, and on one rather it is rebooted or logged off the system has to be logged off again to get Condensed Weather to load properly.

You don't know how to fix it?

That is how you fix the issue with Condensed Weather, so yes I know how to fix it.

Oh, I don't use this widget.

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