Wifi card block other wifi when running on linux

So here a problem i recently got and . i don't now how to fix or what is happening .
i have two laptops ,one razer blade the other one macbook pro when put next to each other and turn on the razer and boot into manjaro , the macbook pro wifi stop working the connection drops from the 2.5 network and can't be restore if i don't switch to the 5ghz network from my router
the issue there been i have a old wifi speaker that only works on the 2.5 network ,
this didn't happen before and can't be complete sure when it started to happen , as i have updated a lot , but i have no idea where to start so i can fix this.
this doesn't happen if i boot into windows on the razer blade
so any help or idea will be appreciated

Do what now? You've given us a mostly nonsensical run-on sentence, not much to work with.

Please see:


sorry about that

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