WiFi disconnecting, how can I reset interfaces and network settings?

I installed a full KDE system using Architect and linux-latest kernel. I didn't know about the bug with NetworkManager being disabled by default, so I did sudo ip link set wlp3s0 upand I may have set a static IP address too, which did not make the network function. Then I realized NetworkManager.service wasn't running, so I enabled and started it and everything worked. But now I realize that after a few minutes or a few hours, WiFi disconnects and I have to reboot in order for WiFi to work again. I've reinstalled networkmanager, but that didn't fix it. Is there anything I can delete or reset to fix this problem? If I set a static IP earlier, maybe that is causing problems, and I can delete it somehow?

Also, I use NordVPN from the nordvpn-bin package in AUR -- maybe this is somehow related?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

EDIT: The current WiFi connection gets its IP address from DHCP.
EDIT 2: The WiFi applet in the tray says "WiFi connected to MyWifi (limited connectivity)" -- I don't know if this is related, and I don't know why it says this. My connection seems fine when I check with wavemon, and I have no problem reaching any websites.


It's a bug in older versions of plasma 5.18.3/4 related to network-manager, but usually nothing is wrong, check the speed of your network, just in case.

To restart network-manager without restart the system, try this
sudo service network-manager restart

To use static ip i would recommend you to set it on the router.

I had some disconnections using vpn too, it was the vpn server, when it overloaded automatically changed the server and my system didn't felt so well about it, sudo service network-manager restart usually fixed it.

That might work on Ubuntu, but not in an Arch based OS.

Sorry I'm currently travelling and only using a cell, so helping you troubleshoot your connection is not exactly that easy.

What I can do is share a service I wrote that will automatically restart your network connection without requiring you to restart your computer. Not a fix, but an adequate workaround for many people who have successfully tested it.

Please post:

inxi -Fxxxza
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you right!! I mixed that up!
systemctl restart network-manager?


Arch uses:

systemctl restart NetworkManager
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Thanks @tbg and @visone . I restarted NetworkManager, and I haven't been disconnected yet. I will open a different thread about NordVPN problems. If the problem resurfaces, I'll post the output you mentioned.

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