Wifi disconnects on boot

Everytime I log in to manjaro after starting it up, the Wifi disconnects then after a while reconnects. Its not that long but its annoying and was hoping if anyone knew a solution. I tried turning off KWallet as I read that it helped somewhere but it just required me to manually type the Wifi password each time.

To be specific, this is what happens every time I log on:

  1. Wireless Interface (wlp3s0): No secrets were provided
  2. Connection '' deactivated.
    After a while...
  3. Connection '' deactivated.
  4. Connection '' activated.


Try this:

Select your wifi connection in Network Manager and apply these settings:

"All users may connect to this network"

"Automaticly connect to this network when it is available"

"Store password for all users (not encrypted)"

Then, reboot.


Storing your password unencrypted is a slight security risk (if this is a multi-user computer) as other users may be able to find your WiFi login credentials.


Well that was quick, this was probably one of my fastest solves.

Glad that fixed it up for you.

thanks a lot, it was a tiny issue but rather annoying

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Your very welcome.

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