wifi does not work

my laptop (ASUS vivobook s14) is usually unable to detect any wifi, meaning i have to plug in a wifi dongle to be able to see nearby networks. I use the term usually cause it works fine sometimes but i have yet to notice an exact pattern. the only thing i have noticed is that it doesn't work if it's plugged in during boot. the wifi card is RTL8822BE and the kernel it's running on is linux56. I have tried downgrading the kernel before but it didn't work. my current desktop environment is XFCE but it used to be KDE and i also had the similar problem back then, the only difference was that it only disconnected after suspension and by shutting down and turning back on it worked. also back when i had a dual boot with windows, by logging into windows, restarting the laptop and logging into manjaro my problem would completely vanish.

I'd suggest that you install both LTS kernel and 5.7 since 5.6 reached End Of Life. Then, on Grub select to boot on Kernel 5.7 and see if it helps.

Edit: ATM I'm not on my laptop do I can't try to help you with the RTL8822BE problem

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