wifi enabled but not working

You might have mentioned that sooner. Which kernel version were you using on Xfce.

I did on the original post, I do not know kernel version, I just download it and installed, it worked just fine but I like KDE better. I'm not good at this things I'm learning little by little by reading your pots.

I will search on how to change kernels for KDE

Install kernels through Manjaro Settings Manager, and always have at least two kernels installed at all times for safety.

How to switch kernels:

When you reboot if you do not see the grub boot screen press and hold down the ESC, SHIFT or F8 key. This should show the GRUB boot menu if it doesn't appear. As soon as you see the grub boot screen, press the down arrow. Select the "advanced" menu from the choices and press enter. In the next menu you can select the different kernels you have installed to boot from. Select the regular kernel you wish boot into (not the fallback), and then press enter to complete the kernel change.

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And always, edit your posts too,

Important knowledge

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(Text was copied from @ linux-aarhus)

I reinstalled manjaro xfce and wifi works fine, kernel version in manjaro xfce is the same as manjaro KDE 18, there has to be an

an issue with Mankaro kde 18

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