WIFI in Manjaro

Good evening I just installed Manjaro and I realize that the WIFI does not give. the subject talking about it is firm for a month. can anyone help me?

Can you please make more clear what your problem is. Are you missing wifi access? Without additional information it is unlikely that anyone can or will help you.

Please explain your problem in more detail and give more information about your system e.g. by posting inxi -Fxxxz with ``` before and after the output or by using the </> button to format the text. See:


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Probably the USB flash drive creator you used. I had issues with some software my first time. Once I used etcher for Manjaro kde everything works fine

Actually I now see in the users profile that the DE is Deepin. Before you spend a lot of time running forum helpers round in circles trying to troubleshoot your wifi issues I would burn an Xfce or Kde live disk to see if your wifi works on another DE.

Deepin has enough networking bugs that I wouldn't even waste my time unless it has been disproven that this a deepin issue.

Here is a helper to think about your decision:

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