WiFi is detected then automatically disappears

I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro KDE yesterday but the internet was getting a bit slow. So I tried to do the old disconnect and reconnect trick except the reconnect part didn't happen. I assumed that it didn't have auto connect as default but I saw that no WiFi was present. I tried rebooting and scourging through the settings to no avail, but the interesting thing was when I tried reinstalling Manjaro. I noticed that the WiFi shows up and instantly disappears. I thought it was my drive messing with it so I wipe it (obviously no important data was on there after a day) and it still pops in and straight out. I checked if it sees my WiFi card using inxi -Fn and it does show up, and I know it's not a device issue because it works just fine in Windows so I'm at a loss.

start here:

The first thing I would suggest without knowing any details is to install both older and newer kernel versions.

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