wifi isn't working again in Lenovo g580

Sounds like the fix is dead simple. Don't ever use your laptop in the month of June.

Well, that or don't buy Broadcom hardware might be a more satisfactory conclusion I guess. :man_shrugging:

yeah I made up my mind with this , I have another laptop Dell. I just wanna keep it running but I guess it's the never ending loop here

Ya this is fairly common with these adapters. I've gone over 150 posts of, fixed then breaks, fixed then breaks. It gets kind of old as some of these cards are just really flakey that way.

Sorry, but I've been down this road way too many times already. Best to just read a bunch of the old threads on the forum and perhaps you'll find something that may help.


Thank you for your help :hugs:

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This is the one Hail Mary that might be worth trying:

There is also one other thing that may possibly help. You could try switching from Network Manager to Connman. I have written a tutorial for this so it should e relatively easy.

I would also suggest installing IWD as this helps with some buggy Broadcom adapters. The instructuctions for IWD are included in the Connman tutorial.

I would highly suggest making a timeshift backup before making these major kinds of Network reconfigurations.

If you need to use Bluetooth let me know, as the method I used in the blacklist will prevent bluetooth from being started (even with a manual modprobing).


Or just use the DKMS driver as I mentioned, it will rebuild the needed modules if / when things are updated.
This way you won't experience the WiFi suddenly not being present...

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yes @cseder I will try this first and then I'll go for installing IWD
but just to make sure broadcom-wl-dkms from AUR not from extra cus there is already broadcom-wl-dkms in extras.
Please my humble apology but what do I have to install and what do I have to remove?

IMO you shouldn't need to use the one in the AUR. I generally refer people to the one in the Manjaro repo.

See here:

yes I avoid that too I once tried already with broadcom-wl from AUR and it was failure.

It didn't work, it's the same problem

Yes I use bluetooth and sometime VPN too but VPN is not that important right now

@tbg I guess to perform this :point_down:

I first have to move back to broadcom-wl because I'm currently in broadcom-wl-dkms

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Keep stuff separated, don't mix together many possible though not connected causes, shaking it and expecting something useful to come out.

No, this should not be necessary any more, if you use the DKMS driver from AUR.
I will try to explain in a more thorough way in a few hours...

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Ok I will try that. but the AUR package is out of date it was last update on february 2017 and there was an error while building that

ERROR: Failure while downloading https://www.broadcom.com/docs/linux_sta/hybrid-v35_64-nodebug-pcoem-6_30_223_248.tar.gz
Failed to build broadcom-wl-dkms-248

Jeez, this is embarrassing AF. My first post on this forum and I don't read through the initial question as good as I should have. I think we're talking about (or I am at least) a different card...

Just to rub it into my own face, what is the device id on that card of yours???

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BCM4313 802.11bgn

No, that's not the device ID. That's the Model Name, out of which there are a decent amount of variants each working a little bit different, but still being reported as this or that....

Common for all the chip sets in that Broadcom line is that they start with 14e4:
So do a:

$ lspci -vnn -d 14e4:

This should return something like:

0001:01:01.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 
802.11g Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4318] (rev 02)

Here, 14e4:4318would be the device ID.

Figure out the exact ID, and cross reference this with the table over at:

Linux Wireless's b43 page

My guess is that it's the 14e4:4313 sucker. For that you should probably try the brcm80211 driver module.

I executed this command it didn't give any result

Also while running

lshw -C network

it didn't show my wireless interface

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