Wifi issues after elogind update (>227.2-1)

I've been having troubles with the latest version(s) of elogind since version 228.3-1 of the elogind package (I've tried it on 228.3-1, 229.3-1 and 229.5-1 with the same result) - I get permanent disconnects for the wifi ever since suspend. I am on Manjaro Testing and use iwlwifi as my wifi driver. When I start up the system, the wifi works fine, then I suspend, resume and I can't connect to wifi and the wifi led is permanently "off", no matter whether I toggle it or not. I downgraded to 227.2-1 and it doesn't have this problem, after suspend wifi is fine. Could this be a configuration issue or a bug concerning elogind paired up with iwlwifi?

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