WiFi Issues - MacBookPro BCM4322

Simply restart and load a newer kernel at boot.

Last kernel is booting up. 4.9 through 4.19 were the only kernels to wake from suspension and none had WiFi activation.

I’m running on 5.7 as we speak.

Should I get started on this now?

I got through, until the WiFi part. Under wireless services; Technologies: it says that it has found 0 and 0 powered

I would stick to using a kernel that suspension works with. If your hardware is older you do not need the most recent kernel. I think you will make more progress starting off using a kernel that has proper support for suspension with your hardware..

Follow this guide I wrote to install the wl driver:

You may be better off starting with a fresh install of Manjaro.

I am now on kernel 4.19. Suspension works and WiFi is up and running! After suspension only, but hey, that's way better than no WiFi. And its a steady connection too.

Along with changing the network manager like you said, I followed the instructions on a post that you had also helped out with:

My very last step before suspending and then rebooting to see if it sticks, was:

sudo pacman -S dkms

After that, I also uninstalled all kernels newer than 4.19, to prevent the machine from booting into an incompatible kernel.

Would you like me to post any info regarding my current system information? Maybe some of it could help future issues for others?

See, I told ya.

Fancy figuring out that complex solution all by your lonesome.

Feel free to post:

inxi -Fxxxza

I have a pretty good idea what hardware you are using, (but others may not).

Apple products with Broadcom adapters are just a royal pain in Linux.

Glad you got it working (mostly).

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