Wifi sometimes works, sometimes doesn't


The BCM4321 wireless adapter rarely works, sometimes it does after reboot if there's a bit of luck. Never on the live disk, where the driver in the Manjaro Settings Manager is marked as uninstalled.

It could happen that it lists the available networks but that it doesn't allow connecting, or that it doesn't list any network at all. I have tried finding a pattern but I have been unable.


Probing the module b43 actually activated and deactivated the adaptor, but it wasn't unable to connect to the listed networks in a consistent way. Even by forcing b43 to support all hardware.

:crystal_ball: RELEVANT INFO:


With a Mac bet it's something nasty.

You did all the right things I would have done with that adapter, not that I'm a hardware programmer or similar. It seem to be just a bad model or a bad item.
Have you tried forum search? https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/search?q=BCM4321


I solt the computer. The GPU happened to be permanently damaged.

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