WifiAudio for Manjaro and Android

Hi everyone, I have a HP brand laptop but with it has speaker problem, So lately I have been trying to install a software on Manjaro that can play audio through my android speaker, I found 2 linux audio programs "WifiAudio" and "SoundWire" after doing a quick online search, both are amazing tools are exactly what i looking for.

Soundwire Server easy to use no need typing server address but audio sometimes lag 1-2 sec and will show ads after using for 5-10 minutes.

WifiAudio Server audio playback are extremely good no audio lag but on their forum many have found the program contain virus / trojan link

This is most likely a virus and I'm not 100% sure.

There are other ways but seems very hard to get it set up if someone can really teach me it would be really good, please let me know Thank You!

Sounds like an XY Problem.

Please tell us about your "speaker problem" so someone can help you resolve it. Also see:

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