Wiki Account Request

If you want an account on the wiki, post in this thread and also mention:

  • desired username
  • page you want to update
  • languages or areas of expertise

Someone (probably Phil) will then create an account for you.

  • oguzkaganeren

  • I want to update the Main, Installation pages etc. in Turkish Page

  • Turkish

Bonjour, voici les renseignements demandés :

  • nom utilisateur : pym
  • création d'un page : autofs
  • langue Français
  • débutant (mais pas en utilisation linux : depuis 2004)


  • rahmanshaber
  • make a tutorial about TigerVNC
  • English
  • andicic89
  • Pacman troubleshooting and the following wikis belonging to this main topic
  • German
  • Linux since 2016, programming skills C, Python, Java and JavaScript
  • LinuxLoverForever

  • Add to the main section mentioning firefox about an add-on I discovered for those using dark theme for gtk apps. Also want to add a mariadb section because there's a step in the setup that we manjaro users have to do that isn't mentioned in the archwiki. I'd like to write the few setup steps and then link the archwiki article. I'd also like to add a config relating to i3 for spotify to the spotify section of the wiki because forcing it to open in a specific workspace requires workaround command not the normal one.

  • English

Desired username: daviding
Page I want to update: (last updated July 2014
Languages and areas of expertise: English, I've been on Manjaro since mid-2018, with a history on Ubuntu since 2008.

English, I simply want to elaborate on issues/inaccuracies.

  • peter_li
  • I wish to review the whole wiki and especial the new users sections and edit/add things I miss and better them. By example snap.
  • German and English

I am a Linux user for many years on different distros and a Editor in the german Wikipedia.

  • JohnBlood
  • For now, I want to several spelling errors on the Arch User Repository page. I want to hunt how other spelling and grammar errors, too. I also want to update the pamac page. It needs it bad. :slight_smile:
  • English and basic Linux usage
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Desired name: bs666
Pages: Various- to fix grammar and spelling I happen to notice; also add a section to the aliases in bashrc section on using simple functions when arguments are needed and how to use if statements.
Language/skills: English; newbie to Linux but used some Unix in 80s as CS major and English minor.

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  • desired username : TechnikHill
  • page you want to update - Going to work on Ongoing work on the Wiki. The idea is to update the current docs wherever possible and possibly push the documentation from forum too to
  • languages or areas of expertise - English.
  • Areas of expertise:
    • System maintenance
    • XFCE.
    • Manjaro Best Practices
    • Third Party Applications
    • Pacman
    • Basic Conky

Pitching in on the wiki updating @dalto has been posting about.

Looks like you might have an overabundance of typo fixers but I'm still interested.

Desired Name: Sinisterbrain
Page to edit: General typo fixing
Languages: English
Area of expertise: Grammar nerd

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Desired name: vfbsilva
Page to edit: Hardware Issues
Languages: Portuguese, English, German
Area of Expertise: Linux

I'd like to request a Wiki account under the name of:


Mainly so that I can stop pestering people with minor edits on the Ongoing work on the Wiki thread. :grin:

Going forward my intention is to make minor corrections in terms of readability and in incorporating feedback from the forum. I don't consider that I have any 'expertise'. If I do end up dabbling in more major edits or page creation I will be seeking review on the forum first.


Hey :wave:

@philm - How can I take this wiki account creation request forward? Appreciate your time on this.
PS: I have also dropped a mail to support as mentioned in the wiki. If that helps. :slight_smile:

cc:// @jonathon :pray:


I would like to have a wiki account. This is mostly for small edits like death links, formatting, etc. (or do I have to be more specific?) I might make a log post about my changes in the documentation section.

username: datiswous

Language: English, Dutch

If you rather have only more experienced people edditing the wiki, no hard feelings :wink:

@saber, @andicic89, @LinuxLoverForever, @daviding, @janat08, @peter_li, @johnblood, @BS666, @TechnikHiLL, @Sinister, @vfbsilva, @grinner, @datiswous

Wiki-Accounts are now created. Sorry for the delay.


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