[wiki] Add a storage partition & modify your system to suit

[Add a Storage Partition, Modify your System to Suit] (https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Add_a_Storage_Partition_%26_Modify_your_System_to_Suit) Wiki page:

Please post any problems that you find with the content of the wiki page here?


That's a nice, easy to read Tutorial. :smiley: I wish I'd had it a year ago. Very readable!

And a lot of hours (11-12) spent watching a spinner...yikes! :smiley:

@c00ter Thanks. :slight_smile:

Some of these pages I wrote so long ago I don't even know what's in them anymore! lol

Half the reason I write a Tutorial/Wiki page is to help me out years down the track so I don't have to relearn it all over again...

Everybody wins ;D

I wondered about that. The writing style....

@c00ter I'd write in the same style. I don't particularly like the style used by most technical Wiki's, like that used in the ArchWiki for instance. I've quite often reinterpreted such from Arch speak to Manjaro speak for our Wiki, its a a little softer... :wink:


What are the benefits of this method for separating data to a specific partition in comparison to symlinking the user data dirs to the separate partition dirs?
I use more than one user account to sanitize different DEs, like xfce, lxqt, i3 etc and the only issue I have to take care of is folder permissions for the real data partition. I include each user to each other user's groups. It is mostly fine for me.
What's your opinion(s)?

With a more complex setup like yours, symlinking would be the more elegant solution. For us more common users--I only go one DE/WM at a time--then a /home partition is adequate enough. My opinion, anyway. Plus there are a few distros--Solus was at first--whose installers won't allow for creation of a separate /home partition, so symlinking would also be a good default for distro-hoppers.


At the end of your wiki, under 'Support', you still have a reference to:
https://spiralinear.space/thread-41.html ,
which does not exist anymore (404). Just to let you know.

[PS: thanks for your work in pulling all the old wiki stuff over - interesting reading for a long time to come.]

@AgentS There are so many user case scenarios for the users of any OS. As c00ter suggested, many of us only run one distro & don't have to worry about the complexities of sharing data over multiple distros.

I use a separate /home partition as it can make it easier to recover from a system disaster; to install the distro again (or another distro for that matter, providing you get rid of the .dot files first). I have a another couple of drives with one partition each for data as well .

I would like to use ZFS & have it set up to manage my storage (which it can do in very sophisticated & secure ways). I'll wait until my system has a catastrophic failure of some kind (could be a number of years away yet) & then look at moving to ZFS.

Thanks @Bertie I'm aware of that problem, I'll eventually get around to changing the link for all of the Support pages.

@Bertie As of this writing I've just about completed switching the Support links to this forum :slight_smile:

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