Wiki link for creating a wiki acount is incorrect

On the Basic Submission Rules wiki page, it says in order to create an account one needs to:

request one by starting a new topic in this board

The problem is that for me, the this board link gives me:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

  1. How does one request a wiki edit account?
  2. Can someone please update the wiki page?

please contact @philm via PM and ask for an account.

I don't seem to be able to send a PM to @Rob, so perhaps he will read this thread (fingers crossed).

@Rob, If you're reading this, I'd like an account to update the wiki page on UEFI system partitions where it is inconsistent in the usage of vfat vs FAT32.

If I'm granted that account, should I also update the account request procedure to be via yourself?

At the very least, posting this will probably increase my liklihood of being able to PM in the near future....

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it is likely your trust level, which prevents you from sending messages to @Rob and all other people in the forum. this was probably done as a precaution: new forum users should not be overwhelmed by many settings and "experienced" forum users should be able to send messages, because they know what they are talking about.

i have raised your trust level from 0 to 1. normally, you raise your trust level by participating in this forum, i.e. reading posts, writing posts, linking some posts, quoting/answering posts, etc.

just click at the "@Rob" (this or other ones) with your left mouse button and a popup should give you short information about rob. in this small popup, you can click in the upper right corner a "message" button.
please try again to send a PM and tell me, whether you are successful.
if not, i can raise you trust level even further...

edit: if you want a Wiki account, please do not send any PMs to Rob. instead, send a PM to @philm.

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Thanks - you're a champion - I can and will PM him now.

@excalibur1234 I have a similar situation--haven't participated in the forums but I have a new tutorial to add to the wiki and need to PM Rob to get access (but don't have the option). Any chance I could get the bump too?


please PM me, when you have created an article in the wiki.

@excalibur1234 I'm currently running Manjaro in VirtualBox, and noticed there are a few broken YouTube links in the related article, see here.

I would have quickly added a comment to the discussion page but can't do that without an account, which requires PM to @Rob which I can't send. Not that I currently am in dire need of an account, just pointing out this.

you can now.

but @Rob is no longer in the manjaro team. please send a PM @philm.

Heyas :slight_smile:

Although otherwise inactive, i have been processing requests i get via PM for a wiki account.

It'd be a good idea to give some more people the ability to deal with these requests, but for now it's no problem for me to keep doing it.


i suggest to give it to multiple people, if that is ok for @philm. how about the active moderator team (@jonathon, @eugen-b, @excalibur1234)?

I have some experience working with Mediawiki. If you folks need help on that front, let me know.

Hi all !

I am french and I just want to propose to you my first tutorial about installing Xen and other functionnalities in Manjaro environment. I can write it in french (of course) and perhaps in english. So I posted from the french forum and asked where hosting my tutorial and they indicated to me to contact @Rob So I joined you but I cannot send message because I must not have a sufficient trust level. Could you unlock this or make me able to create a tutorial on wiki ?

Here is my french post.

See you soon !

OK my trust level is sufficient now :wink: !

Hello everyone, the install page on the Wiki for making the ISO lists isohybrid steps after the dd step, and doesn't have any info how to install isohybrid. I spent a frustrating 40 mins trying to figure all this out. Can I have an account on the wiki?

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currently, @philm is the only one with wiki admin access. please contact him.

How? I don't see any way to PM him with my new account.

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Maybe you can create a topic in #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials section and someone with Wiki rights can add this info.

Is that section even necessary now ? Arent all the .iso's hybrid unlike it claims ?

Why is this even necessary to contact an admin to register to Manjaro wiki?!!! Isn't Manjaro "open source"? Seems to be, at least, incoherent, right?

In the wiki, there isn't even a clear warning about that. Just if you go to "reset password" and then "create a new account" you'll be redirected to a page saying:

You do not have permission to create this user account, for the following reason: The action you have requested is limited to users in the group: Administrators.

Like, really?!! This censorship and appeal to authority is very frustrating and highly discourages potential good contributions by new users of being added to the wiki. In the Arch Wiki, there's no such thing, you can easily create an account and contribute to it. Also, I often see users here in the forum linking to Arch Wiki instead of Manjaro Wiki, it just shows how it has a long way to be improved and to be a real reference to its community.

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