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How is the wiki organised in different languages? Is this by creating a whole new copy of that language in the new language and then edit from there? I don't see the translated version for every page linked in every wiki page which I find very strange. I think it would be good to have a leading English wiki and have translated pages based and linked to that, now it seems that every wiki language is doing it's own thing.

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Right now the Manjaro Wiki is just one big international wiki with different pages in different languages, there is no rule for translations that I'm aware of.
A possible way to solve this issue is the same used by the ArchWiki, to place the language name in the page name, so that you can easily generate links to the other languages in an automated way.


Yes that works much better.

There's also a translation plugin for mediawiki:

The Translate extension makes MediaWiki a powerful tool to translate every kind of text. It's used especially to translate software and to manage multilingual wikis in a sensible way.

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Today, there is no relation between the pages in each language.

There is a different home page and different content for each language.

It looks to me like each language started out as a copy of the english wiki and was translated but it has diverged substantially since then

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