Wiki: Please lock/restrict the access to some system pages and provide contact information

Hello @philm,

please lock/restrict the access to some system pages of the wiki like:

and provide a page like


Those pages dont seem to be in use (yet are locked in the footer)..
But you can see the vandalism that led to the wiki not being 'open' - new users must ask for permission before they can sign-up/edit.

Could you check and see how simple it was for me as registered wiki user to change the content, please?

This should only be allowed for the bureaucrat of the wiki or so, I believe.

I've to double check on these pages. Based on the history they were empty in the past.

As I had understood they were empty cause someone had written Hitler or so and then they were deleted.

But on every single page in the wiki they are present cause linked by the wiki system definition and should therefore show a reasonable content like on by example.

They got now restricted as requested.

I think that the wiki should also have some license information available, then people could share and use the content for their own purposes under license conditions.

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