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Hey! So, the Manjaro Wiki is very popular and many people can of course get answers via the english pages on the wiki. But for a time now we are a couple of people in the community who wants to bring the wiki to our native languages and as it is now it's working by just copy an existing english page and create a new "Swedish" version of it. But in the long run that is probably gonna be a lot of pages that might be outdated and also design and layout will not match the english versions.

So I really vote that we should install the Mediawiki translation extension so we can take this wiki to a new level and easier keep page layouts the same and deliver more great content.

Admins, what do you say?

  • Yes install translation extension.
  • No keep it as it is.

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Not sure, but the wiki would have to be reorganized to make proper use of it. But I think it's best for the future. I just don't get that on creation of the multi-language wiki no plans were made for how to organize this.

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Yeah thats exactly what i am trying to say here, it's time to organize the wiki for multilang. And to keep the layout of pages stay the same the translate extension is great. It would also be easier for others to find info because they will just click on the language they want to read the page with. But of course it would require some work for translater to convert the old pages to the translate extension instead but in the long run it would benefit :slight_smile:

Sorry, I regret, it seems I don' understand exactly what you wish and where will this do us a favor?
Could you explain and show this with a example in the real world?
Would this page: Help:Editing Pages look like you intend?

This would mean, I believe you have a given content like a small manual and translate it in each desired language but all language-pages of a given content need to have the same content, right?

What I see at the moment are many pages with their specific language but all mixed in just one database, right?

This could work with a small amount of pages.

But what I really would wish and please for would be interwikis like the Wikipedia works, which would provide the possibilty to have interwiki-links at the left side of a article page.
So there are 87 pages and 6 sub-categorys in the Category:Français now but only 30 in the Category:Italiano and also less more in the Category:Türkçe.

It seems to me they will never compe up to thee same content but only other language.
And imagine the french collegues wish to provide their pages on their own website, where a forum runs already, at They will have to export every single page and import it on their own site, right?

So for languages with many users I would prefer to have their own wiki. This works already in the Archlinux Wiki where the german pages reside on the german space.

This sounds to be a big deal? Manjaro don't wants to offer more databases? May be a free offer at Miraheze would be interesting?

Hey to you and special guests @philm and @oberon

Answer in short:
I please the bureaucrats and admins to provide the translate entension and all things to support it
as soon as possible. Also the interwiki extension should be reviewed.

Answer in long with detailed description of the problem, so please be patient:
Since some days I work on the Manjaro Wiki now.
So far I have learned, that it will be best when we do take and as help for orientation.

At Archlinux, they provide a absolut great amount of wisdom about their whole distribution and use the interwiki extension, so every language and their editors are free, independent working and it seems they act on their own without a absolut central powerful instance. At important points they are coming together which you see at the sidebar on the left side of their pages.

This seems to fit best for them cause every language has a different amount of contributors and nobody of the big language groups needs to worry about the people in the smaller groups if they ever would reach their class target.

At MediaWiki, it seems to me at least so, they build their work nowadays on the base of using the tranlate exension at every place where it may fit. May it be for their content or for their administratie tasks like templates also.

At some time I had to think about how to place a request for deletion so a admin user may find it and decide what to do. My first idea was to take a exact copy of the Template:Delete of MediaWiki, but they make havy use of the translate statement in their template which would not work in this form at the Manjaro Wiki, at least not at the moment.

So I had to remove all this translate statements for this template and the other files which belong to it and had also to be added by copy and paste in.

The wisdom which the MediaWiki people publish, I think , will always concentrate on their one piece of software only and so never come

and so not even approaching the level of Archlinux in terms of quantity. These are quite different orders of magnitude.
So they probably have a much easier time syncing their different language versions.

Final thoughts:
Ultimately, our developers will have to decide and determine what scale to adopt and define meaningful, realistic wishes and tasks.

If the intended scope of application is limited to the procurement, installation of Manjaro and the most important packages from the GitLab, the sole use of the translate extension, with a constant demand to bring the various languages ​​into sync, may still be possible.

For anything beyond that, I would aim for the Archlinux way, because it would take about as Etas as Sync to worry about and have all options open.

But that does not work with perhaps just 5 assets, because the Archlinux people already have a group maintainer for their wiki. They use, in order to facilitate the tedious manual work, also special programs, so-called bots.

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I hope you may see now my conclusion already in the first pragraph. but more in depth in my thoughts at the finish.

I look at it. Newer versions of mediawiki doest not need it.
I start to re-build Manjaro-Wiki(includes translation extension), you can share any other extension that must be used.

From my point of view it seems to be needless to discuss about lanuage extensions or changing the wiki software as long as the developers which have to do it and have the power to do it are not ready to act.

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