Will updating the bios change the drive ID's ?

As stated in the topic.

I have an older bios version on my Gigabyte X370 Gaming and thinking of upgrading my cpu. However, will flashing the bios have an impact on the drive ID's? Will the system still start as normal or will I have to alter some stuff after?

Thank you in advance.

No - only resizing partitions will change partition UUIDs.

Updating a bios - you will be able to reboot - no problems.

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Manjaro normally uses UUIDs to identify the partitions, so you should be safe to go, provided that the new CPU in and of itself won't be causing any problems.

The /dev/sda*, /dev/sdb* et al designations are never to be relied upon, even without flashing your BIOS, for the simple reason that the kernel enumerates the drives on the basis of their order of detection, and glitches in the electronics can mess with that order. That's why UUIDs or LABELs (or alternatively, PARTUUID and/or PARTLABEL in a GUID partition table) are more reliable. :wink:

UUID's will not change. But device naming as in (hd0), (hd1), or /dev/sda, /dev/sdb... might. And that might change anyway if you don't do anything. You did asked about "drive ID"

But your uefi firmware cmos efiboot entries may be lost if you flash.
If bios-legacy, there are no boot entries to store, it is in mbr and the bios boots using that mbr. it should be fine.

If uefi and you cannot boot, use this [Simple First Start] to help you.


No. The drives UUIDs are stored on the drive. You can move a drive to a different computer and it still has the same UUID.

Thank you all for the quick reply. Topic can be closed and tagged as answered I guess :slight_smile:

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