Will upgrading my version of Windows interfere with dual-boot?

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10, called the Creators Update. This is not your standard monthly upgrade. Has anyone else installed this update yet? Will upgrading my existing Windows 10 interfere with my dual boot with Manjaro on UEFI?

If it is known to cause issues, I may just delete the Windows partitions and expand my Manjaro partition into its space.

I don't know if the new update overwrites grub. But if it does so, then you can fix it using a live cd.

If you are comfortable with terminal & editing files

If you are not comfortable with terminal & editing files.

Get a grub rescue cd handy before you upgrade windows or failing which use this to get back your manjaro.

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I did update my dual-boot system with the latest edition of Windows 10 and, to my surprise, it respectfully left grub untouched.

That is my chosen method to "upgrade" Windows :smiley:

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I booted into Windows today. Using it frustrated me so much that I deleted its partitions and expanded my Manjaro partition.


For others wondering about this I may add that I just updated Windows to Creators Update and all went well.
I can boot to all operating systems of my machine just like before.

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