Window freeze when using two keyboards

TLDR: need help editing source of mutter and install it again

Hi, I am using Manjaro Gnome with a X11 session.
If I input a keystroke from a second keyboard my applications freeze for a second.
After a long journey through the internet I think i have found the culprit.

An easy way to reproduce this is to start a video in one window and then type the following command

watch -n 0.1 'xdotool key space'

and then pressing any other key or series of keys in another window

Mutter seems to hang for a second when XkbNewKeyboardNotify triggers

This was fixed with:
this commit

but later on revoked.

Already tried a Wayland session and the keyboard problem is solved there but new demons awake there that I don't wanna wake.

I guess I need to edit the source files of mutter to edit out one line and I should be good to go.
Problem is I have no clue how to do that.

Help would be very much appreciated.


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