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Quick question:
I am probably going to install Xfce and Cinnamon as two separate distros (2 25Gb / partitions).

Is gdm the default window manager for Cinnamon? I really would like to use lightDM if possible. Do I have to do a manual install of it afterwards?

LightDM is the WM that comes with the Cinnamon Edition.

It used the slick-greeter last time I checked.

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That's what I wanted to check. AFAIK gdm is the default one in Mint.
Thank you.

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Mint also uses lightdm unless it changed very recently. I think they use the lightdm-gtk-greeter slick-greeter.


Don't know where I got that info from, then.

Nevertheless. thanks. Been using it off af a live stick for about 30 hours now and can't decide if I should install it or Xfce... then realized "I have a Terabyte. I can fit 100 distros in there if I want to". So, both.

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That is one way to find out if the grub menu has a maximum size.

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Point is I don't like having more than one DE in one install, because I want my systems "clean". Only the software I decide to install for that specific DE should be there.

Which means I'd rather put two 25 Gb root partitions side by side.

On 19.1 (lastest version currently), Linux Mint uses LightDM and Slick Greeter (Slick Greeter comes from Mint).

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