Windows/KDE keybinds for Xfce

Hey. As I started to learn about useful key binds, such as Win + Arrow tiles windows to screen egde, or Win + PgUp/PgDown allows to hide or show program from taskbar I am amazed how much this improves my workflow.

However, it seems like Xfce uses different key bindings from these ones. That's a shame because first they are very comfy to use and second I would like not to re-train my muscle memory, because the I can mostly use the same binds on KDE and Win 10.

Is there a ready solution (like a script, package) to change this behavior on Xfce? If not, how can I assign those keys manually (or even better, write some script)? I've checked Google and I haven't seen any result, but maybe I have used wrong keywords.

AFAIK it's more about KDE using different shortcuts than GNOME/Xfce/Cinnamon/etc, but i digress.

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Oh, pardon me then. Didn't realise.

Thank You kindly for the reply!

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