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Hi, I'm trying to get Manjaro KDE to talk to other machines on my home network, most importantly my NAS. Unfortunately, the Network tab of Dolphin is empty and the SMB tab only shows my printer and itself.

To get started with Linux, I installed VirtualBox on a Win10 PC and created VMs for Linux Mint Cinnamon and Manjaro KDE. I liked Manjaro KDE much better - it wasn't even close. But I had a terrible time getting any of the vbox additions to work: couldn't share the host shared folders, clipboard, etc. Because of that I hedged and installed both of them on my Windows 7 laptop as dual (triple) boot. That's all fine.

My home network has several PCs and laptops - a mix of Windows 10, Windows 7, MacOS, and a NAS (Drobo FS). They all see each other just fine when I browse the network in their respective file managers. So does the triple-boot laptop, if I boot into Windows 7 or Linux Mint.

When booting into Manjaro KDE, however... I went to Remote/Network/Network and Remote/Network/Shared Folders (SMB), and both were empty. I was able to connect to the NAS directly by specifying the smb:// name, so that was hopeful.

I dug through the following (and more!) as best I could:

At the end of all that... Dolphin's Shared Folders now shows the Manjaro laptop and the networked printer. None of the Windows machines show up (Mac is currently down).

My end goal is to set it up so Manjaro mounts the Drobo shares on startup. But being able to browse the network neighborhood seems like both a pre-requisite for that, and something Manjaro should be able to do out of the box. I went back and verified that the VMs on the Win10 PC behave the same way: LM VM sees everything, Manjaro VM sees nothing except the Manjaro laptop.

Any hints on where to start?

From you host insert the guest additions iso into your Manjaro guest.

Open the cd and run the installer.

As noted above, I'm no longer using Manjaro in a VM, other than to verify that it shows the same problem as my laptop with Manjaro installed.

As an experiment I did a bunch more VM verifying. In addition to my test VMs of Linux Mint Cinnamon and Manjaro KDE, I created VMs for KDE Neon, Kubuntu, OpenSUSE KDE, Ubuntu Gnome, Manjaro XFCE, and Manjaro Gnome. I tried some Minimal installs and different Manjaro Kernel versions as well.

A striking pattern emerged immediately: all of the KDE-based VMs have the same issue as my Manjaro KDE laptop. None of the KDE VMs can browse my network , and all of the non-KDE ones can. Well, Manjaro Gnome couldn't see the NAS, but it saw the PCs.

Perhaps my surprise at this reveals how new to this I am. I guess I have to decide whether to repeat my cry for help on the KDE forum or pick a different DE. On the one hand I much prefer KDE to any of the others, but on the other I don't seem to be getting any help here.

Turns out this is a known KDE problem:

The next release, later this month, attempts to fix it. Here's hoping!

The Manjaro 20.0 update (and more importantly, the KDE Plasma 5.18 update) made the network browse work better. I still can't see or connect to my NAS, but machines on the Windows network show up as expected.

Connecting to them is another issue, but not worth digging into with the NAS still invisible.

In a last gasp effort before abandoning the distro, I installed Nemo (Linux Mint's fork of Nautilus) and it works fine. So I only have to abandon Dolphin, not KDE. Yay!

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