Windows won't start without secure boot enabled after installing Manjaro

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TL;DR: Windows doesn't start from GRUB with secure boot disabled after installing Manjaro

recently I've installed Manjaro Linux on a computer which had Windows pre-installed. My goal was to be able to dual-boot Manjaro and Windows. The bespoken computer (Lenovo ThinkPad) is equipped with UEFI and only one hard drive.

Before installing Manjaro, I've created a new unformatted partition in Windows and disabled the UEFI secure boot option. The installation itself hadn't run into any problem, it works fine for now.

Now, in GRUB I see menu entries for Manjaro Linux (which works fine) and Windows 10 (on /dev/sda2). When selecting Windows, the screen turns black for a while and then the computer restarts and GRUB shows up again. When selecting to start "Windows Boot Manager" from the UEFI startup selection (after pressing F12 key) the screen turns black for the fraction of a second and startup selection shows up again.

I've tried re-activating secure boot in UEFI configuration again. Windows now starts as it should, but it's not possible to enter GRUB anymore until I disable secure boot once again.

Since I'm fairly new to this topic, I really don't know how to go on.
I therefore appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance!

That is how Windows is - we can't change how your Windows installation is tied to your system.

The behavior you describe - is fairly unusual - at least I have not seen or heard it before.

Yes - Manjaro requires Secure Boot to be disabled - that we know - but that Windows requires Secure Boot to be enabled - that one is new.

This is concerning, did you recently install the update to the new 2020 release of Windows? If secure boot has become mandatory then I’ve got a future problem on my hands, too. I will research on this and see if I can find anyone else having the same issue, I hope this is an isolated incident.

During the past week I upgraded Windows from 1909 to 2004 on two different multiboot systems and there hasn't been any change to the behavior of Secure Boot on these systems.

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Since I'm not the only one using this computer (it's mainly the one of my friend who really isn't that much into tech) I can't tell which Windows release is running right now, but I'm sure that since no Enterprise edition has been installed, automatic updates are activated.

As soon as I'm able to check, I'll tell you the current release version.

Thanks to everyone who is helping, you're really making my day :slight_smile:

Edit: the machine is a few years old, if that helps. More information coming soon.

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